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Article: 4 scents to uplift your mood

A Life With Scent

4 scents to uplift your mood

Lumira Terra Australis Candle

Of all the senses, smell remains the least understood by science, creating a tantalising void for magic and mystery, supposition and speculation. One theory gaining gravitas in scientific circles is the argument that a fragrance is composed not so much of molecules but of vibrations, each one perfectly calibrated to resonate with the bespoke scent receptors in our brain.

If this ‘vibration theory’ of fragrance holds, surely certain scents can give off good vibrations – and couldn’t we all use some of those right now? Regardless of where science lands on scent vibrations, a handful of notes have been found to have uplifting and mood-boosting qualities. If you’re searching for a pick-me-up, here’s what we recommend… 

A burst of citrus

Fresh, uplifting and with the right amount of zest, it’s no surprise a citrus scent can bring on a natural high. Piercing notes of tangerine and orange make Sicilian Citrus Candle delightfully  sparkling, while orange blossom induces a heady summertime feel.

A hint of mint

Mint is known for boosting energy levels and improving focus. If you find yourself flagging during a mid-afternoon work-from-home stint, burning Tunisian Mint Tea Candle is just like an espresso but without the post-caffeine comedown.

The serenity of sandalwood

Searching for a boost that’s calming and grounding instead of zingy and uplifting? Sandalwood is the answer. This earthy scent has long been prized for its ability to promote a blissed-out feeling of relaxation. Find it in Balinese Ylang Ylang Candle and Hand Wash.

Rose for romance

There’s a reason this scent has long been associated with the lovestruck: rose is known to promote relaxation and harmony. When you just want to get along, light up the intoxicating scent of Persian Rose Candle.






Written by Michelle Bateman