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Article: 3 notes to create a relaxing home


3 notes to create a relaxing home

An old wives’ tale has long promised that a few drops of lavender oil sprinkled on a pillowcase is a passport to swift slumber. We don’t dispute the effect but prefer our olfactory calm-down to take a more sophisticated form, namely a moment of mindfulness spent in the company of our favourite fragrance. 

Fortunately, lavender isn’t the only note lauded for its ability to help one unwind, as vanilla, sandalwood and jasmine are all known to have a similar effect. This coming Wednesday, August 15 is World Relaxation Day and if a leisurely day on the couch is out of the question, lighting one of these is an equally inspired way to embrace the spirit of the day.


From incense to aromatherapy, sandalwood has long been prized for its ability to promote relaxation, without the accompanying sense of drowsiness that’s often associated with lavender. In Balinese Ylang Ylang, the rich sweetness of sandalwood is teamed with ylang ylang, which is also known for its calming effect. With the addition of soft floral notes to create an air of romance, this scent might be the ultimate scene-setter if you’re planning to spend the day (or night) relaxing a deux.


While on the subject of heady experiences, those lazy drowsy days of mid summer are perfectly captured in the full, sweet notes of the jasmine blossom, one of nature’s most effective mood-boosters. If you’re fortunate enough to be in the northern hemisphere, spending relaxation day surrounded by trellises bursting with blossoms is always a good idea. Those on the other side of the globe can recreate the experience with The Vow by Nicole Trunfio, which combines the white flowers of jasmine and magnolia with juicy citrus and berries.


Slightly sweet gourmand notes like vanilla are quite simply a shortcut to comfort, invoking memories of birthday cakes and iced biscuits. For a true gourmand experience, Tahitian Coconut combines the softness of a vanilla base with tropical coconut in the mid notes; hints of mandarin and orange flower bring some zest to the sweetness. 

But vanilla isn’t all cupcakes and parties, it also has a deeply sophisticated side, particularly when it’s teamed with rich spices and leather notes. If your idea of relaxation involves a certain old-world glamour, No.352 Leather & Cedar won’t disappoint.

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Written by Michelle Bateman