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Article: The making of Balinese Ylang Ylang


The making of Balinese Ylang Ylang

At its very essence, the story of Balinese Ylang Ylang is a story of love – pure and enduring. To unravel it, we must travel to the Indonesian island of Bali, where the ylang-ylang flower grows on trees and vines, and the tropical aroma of its blossoms fills the air.

Here and elsewhere, the plant is considered an aphrodisiac for its heady and uplifting scent, and you’ll find ylang-ylang flowers strewn on the beds of newlywed couples. Many brides in Bali also choose to thread the small yellow blossoms through their hair, creating an olfactory dance of joy as they walk down the aisle. After attending the Balinese weddings of friends who took part in this tradition, Lumira founder Almira Armstrong was inspired to create the Balinese Ylang Ylang scent, dedicating it to love experienced and shared. 

“Bali will always have a special place in our hearts as it is where we celebrated the union of our close friends,” Armstrong recalls. “This sensual perfume reminds me of these beautiful moments.”

The scent itself is as lush and warm as its island homeland, with the full-bodied ylang-ylang (pronounced ee-lang ee-lang) at its heart, complemented by the equally voluptuous jasmine and black orchid. Sandalwood and spice create a rich and complex base, while a hint of bergamot in the top notes enhances ylang-ylang’s naturally uplifting qualities. 

Armstrong recommends the scent as an olfactory talisman for your own moments of romance, saying: “I love burning this scent in the bedroom in the evening, as it creates a relaxing and loving sanctuary.”

The fragrance is also available in a travel-sized candle that will provide a memorable backdrop to any holiday romance. 

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Written by Michelle Bateman