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Article: 3 popular perfume myths debunked


3 popular perfume myths debunked

Lumira Perfume

As we cautiously but optimistically return to coffee dates, lunches and intimate parties, we’re revelling in the chance to dress up once again. The ultimate accessory for all these occasions? A perfume or perfume oil, of course. Nothing is more powerful than scent at capturing a mood, conveying a feeling and leaving the most exquisite memories lingering behind us.

Why not celebrate this new mood and mark a fresh start with a new signature scent? Before you begin your search, however, take some time to brush up on your fragrance knowledge and put paid to certain perfume myths. Here, we address three of the most common misconceptions about fragrance and how to wear it. 

Myth 1: Your scent stays the same all day

“A perfume is typically made up of three layers: top, middle and bottom,” explains LUMIRA founder and creative director, Almira Armstrong. “You’ll usually experience the top notes of any scent first, but it’s the middle and bottom notes that linger the longest. For example, our Cuban Tobacco perfume opens with a hint of spiced citrus, but it’s the warm and slightly sweet base of musk, patchouli, tobacco and vanilla that leaves a lasting impression.”

This means your scent may take on different permutations as you move through the day. So if you’re particularly partial to the top notes of a scent, reapplying it throughout the day will refresh it. Oils like our Cuban Tobacco Perfume Oil are designed to be used on the run, and have a convenient rollerball applicator to prevent leaks and spills.

Myth 2: Perfume should only be applied to your skin

It’s true that applying a scent directly to your skin is the truest way to make it your own. “Every scent subtly interacts with our body’s unique chemistry, which is why a perfume can smell quite different on two different people,” Armstrong explains.

Applying it elsewhere, however, can enhance the overall effect. Spritzing a much-loved scent – such as Arabian Oud perfume – onto the hair, or even on a piece of clothing, can help the fragrance last longer.

Myth 3: Always keep one perfume for special occasions

Selecting a new scent is a beautiful way to memorialise a special occasion, however there are reasons both practical and pleasurable to enjoy your perfume more often. A perfume stored in a cool, dark space will keep its scent for longer, but even it will change over time; using it regularly is the best way to ensure you’re enjoying it while the fragrance is at its freshest.

Plus, you’ll also have the happy experience of reliving those special memories every time you apply it.




Written by Michelle Bateman