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Article: How to store and care for perfume


How to store and care for perfume

Lumira Eau de Parfum

Perfume brings such joy to our lives, it’s only natural to seek to extend it. And with careful storage, it’s entirely possible to help your favourite Parfum or Perfume Oil go the distance. 

Here, LUMIRA founder and creative director Almira Armstrong shares her best advice for preserving a perfume for as long as possible.

How to store perfume

A new fragrance invites a sense of anticipation – the unboxing, the first spritz, that heady moment of inhalation. Ultimately, however, the experience is best prolonged if you don’t intend to wear the perfume immediately.

“From the moment a perfume is opened, the surrounding oxygen will begin to change the scent,” Armstrong explains. “The process is slow and very subtle, but deferring the moment of opening will ultimately extend your enjoyment of your new perfume.”

Unopened perfume and perfume oils should be stored in their original box until you intend to use them. And when it comes time to enjoy your new scent, always replace the lid immediately after using it, to prevent oxygen from entering the bottle.

The best place to keep your perfume bottles

The dance of sunlight on a perfume bottle may look delightful, but it can also be detrimental to the scent itself. “Heat and light evaporate the water and alcohol content of a perfume, causing it to deteriorate more quickly,” Armstrong explains. “The fragrance may change slightly, lose its intensity or have less longevity on the skin.”

For this reason, perfume is best stored somewhere cool, dark and away from direct sunlight and heating, such as in a cupboard. Avoid bathroom cabinets, however, as the ambient humidity can also compromise the fragrance.

For maximum scent preservation, Armstrong recommends storing sentimental or very precious fragrances in a refrigerator. “The stable temperature and cool, dry environment is ideal for enhancing the longevity of a scent,” she says.

Think small

The truest version of a fragrance is experienced immediately after opening and even when it’s stored under ideal conditions, it will eventually degrade over time. Aim to store your scent for as short a period as possible and if you intend to wear a perfume only rarely – such as for significant occasions – a smaller sized bottle can be the best option.  

Similarly, if you enjoy changing fragrances regularly, a perfume discovery set offers a smart way to do this, while minimising the risk of a perfume degrading.




Written by Michelle Bateman