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Article: 5 podcasts to inform and inspire

5 podcasts to inform and inspire

Podcasts to inform and inspire

The beauty of a podcast is that it can be enjoyed almost anywhere. We may have once lined up a selection to listen to on a long-haul flight, but these days we’re more likely to plug-and-play as we walk our local area or spend time in the kitchen.

Our round-up below covers some of our favourite topics – fragrance, travel, culture, design – to keep us inspired no matter where we are.

Monocle on Culture

Monocle magazine has always had its finger firmly on the pulse of contemporary culture, and this podcast is a gateway to the latest news in film, music, literature and art. Host Robert Bound is a terrific interviewer and assembles a great mix of guests to talk about new releases, happenings and talking points. If you have time for only one culture podcast, this should be a strong contender. 

Women Who Travel

Although it takes a female perspective of travel, this podcast will appeal to anyone who thinks deeply about their next adventure. It’s hosted by two Condé Nast Traveler editors, who draw on their in-depth knowledge and industry connections to craft inspiring stories. More recent episodes – including an interview with food critic Ruth Reichl – begin to explore the future of travel.

The Art Of…

Produced by The Tate in London, this excellent podcast brings artists and art-making to life, showcasing works of art through a new lens. Scroll back to the original mini-series, Walks of Art, which traverses London neighbourhoods that have given rise to significant arts movements, from Bloomsbury to Soho.

Making Scents: The Story of Perfume

This episode of BBC’s The Forum podcast delves into the history of fragrance, from early natural scents to the science and innovation of contemporary perfume. A panel of heavy-hitting guests – including scientist and critic Luca Turin and writer Lizzie Ostrom (aka Odette Toilette) – explore one of our favourite topics from many different angles.

Design Time

A fairly new addition to our roster of design podcasts, this one stands out because of its pedigree – it’s produced by the team that makes Domino magazine. From day one, they’ve had access to some of the leading voices in contemporary American interior design, from Kelly Wearstler to Athena Calderone.


Written by Michelle Bateman