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Article: A dream escape for mum

A Life With Scent

A dream escape for mum

There’s a magical quality to fragrance that makes it an unrivalled gift idea. It begins with the immediate beauty of the scent itself but what makes it truly special is the experience that a fragrance can conjure.

With Mother’s Day around the corner, a perfume or candle as a gift is a way to encourage the dream of travel. Each LUMIRA scent is inspired by a specific locale or voyage, the notes carefully selected to evoke an unforgettable moment.

No matter what her desired destination, you’ll find a scent that will transport her there.

If she’d love… to get off the beaten track

She prefers the road less travelled and is always ready to explore new terrain, so she’ll love Terra Australis Candle. Inspired by the rugged Australian landscape, this earthy scent opens with a tea-infused scent of aromatic herbs and settles into a warm blend of smokey, woody notes.

Terra Australis

If she’d love… a coastal break

Sunlight reverberates off the ocean and the scent of seaspray hangs heavy in the air. If it’s a coastal holiday that she craves, she’ll love the Paradiso Del Sole Room Spray, inspired by the unique beauty of the Amalfi Coast. Reminiscent of an afternoon spent by the water, it opens with aromatic notes of citrus, camphor and thyme before arriving at the comforting familiarity of lavender and musk. 

Damiano Baschiera

If she’d love… a weekend in the country

Her idea of heaven is a morning spent trawling tiny villages for vintage treasures, followed by a picnic lunch in a hidden field. As the wildflowers sway in the distance, she’ll fill a basket with fresh figs straight from the vine. The Tuscan Fig Scented Candle will transport her there in a heartbeat.

Mattia Bericchia

If she’d love… a grand European vacation

After navigating the winding roads of the Italian Riviera, she dreams of arriving in San Remo just in time for the annual flower festival. Against a backdrop of sparkling azure waters, the unmistakable notes of jasmine, rose and lily fill the air, underscored by a sharp tang of citrus. Her scent for the occasion: La Primavera Parfum.

San Remo, Italy

If she’d love… a luxury staycation

What could be more simple and more luxurious than a weekend spent at home, where she doesn’t need to do a thing? Pair Arabian Oud Candle with the matching Room Spray and let the sweet and heady notes of oud, rose and sandalwood set the scene. Then discover three more ways to make her staycation one to remember.




Written by Michelle Bateman