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Article: An Earth Day meditation ritual to try at home

A Life With Scent

An Earth Day meditation ritual to try at home

First celebrated on 22 April 1970, Earth Day marks an annual coming together of people globally to show support for environmental protection. The theme of this year’s event is Restore Our Earth and there’s a full program of panels and seminars, concerts and events to educate and inspire action.

Or, for a more intimate perspective, why not try an Earth Day-inspired candle meditation ritual that can be done at home using your favourite LUMIRA designer candles? Known as trataka, candle meditation is an effective way to calm the mind, focus attention and remove distractions. It’s best done in a dimly lit room, to allow the flickering of the flame to fill your mind’s eye. 

Place the candle around 50cm away from you at eye height or slightly lower and clear the space around it, so there are no distractions to tempt your gaze. Set an earth-centred intention for your meditation practice; make it something that feels meaningful and that has a genuine connection to you. It can be as simple as: “I am grateful for the earth’s beauty”.

Sit comfortably and keep your gaze softly fixed on the candle’s flame. Repeat your intention in your mind at the start and end of your meditation; you can also repeat it throughout, if you like. If you find your mind wanders, gently bring your attention back to the flame or to your intention. Aim to maintain your meditation for at least five minutes.

To enhance your tataka, we recommend trying it with our Terra Australis Candle. With tea-infused top notes melding into a woody, smokey base, this luxury scented candle evokes a calm and grounding atmosphere.

Lumira Terra Australis Candle

Why choose LUMIRA this Earth Day?

The beauty of the natural world inspires everything we do at LUMIRA. In keeping with this ethos, our business is guided by principles of sustainable production and an ethical commitment to human rights.

We believe in making environmentally conscious decisions when sourcing both our raw materials and the vessels that house them. Our candles use only natural soy wax, which has a cleaner burn and less smoke compared with many other wax types. The all-natural perfume oils that give each candle its unique scent are ethically sourced. And the coloured through glass used for our vessels and all cardboard packaging and materials are 100% recyclable.

For more details, please read our full sustainability commitment.



Written by Michelle Bateman