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Article: At Home With Interior Designer Karina Crombie

At Home With

At Home With Interior Designer Karina Crombie

Karina Crombie Interior Designer

Beautiful objects, dreamy finishes and creative ideas are all in a day’s work for an interior designer. So when it comes to designing their own home, how do they whittle down the many possibilities into one clear vision?

For Sydney designer Karina Crombie of KCreative Interiors, the process drew on the fundamentals she’d learned in design school, together with the creation of many Pinterest boards. She oversaw the transformation of the Bondi home she shares with her husband and two daughters from a dark interwar bungalow into this stunning calm and light-filled abode. From the placement of the art to the furniture she’s coveted for years, every detail was planned and executed with care.

Here, Karina shares more about her process and the role fragrance plays in complementing her interior design vision.

Karina, how would you describe your interior aesthetic?

I would describe my interior aesthetic as eclectic, drawing inspiration from tropical elements  while maintaining a soulful and minimalist vibe.

Where did you look for inspiration when you were designing your home?

I studied interior design at Design Centre Enmore and we would always start all our designs  with a concept. So, to transform our dark, interwar heritage bungalow into a light-filled family  home evoking a theme of tropical minimalism, the interior curatorial approach was to create  narrative connection between old and new; enhance the sense of optimism through maximising  light; and facilitate a peaceful and calm daily life through restrained elegance. We saved many images from magazines and books, and Pinterest boards were the main communication with our architects.

Karina Crombie Interior Designer Karina Crombie Interior Designer

How does fragrance complement this aesthetic vision?

Fragrance can help tie together various elements of the interior design. It can complement the  colour scheme, decor style and overall ambiance, creating a cohesive and harmonious  environment that appeals to all the senses.

How do you like to use scent in your home?

Rose, gardenia, fig and woody notes are the preferred fragrance notes I like in my home. In my studio, I have the Il Giardino Candle burning – it’s so nice for clients, staff and visitors to walk into a space and all the senses are brought  to life. It adds a lovely ambiance and a vibrant atmosphere.

When using candles and incense, I like to have the same scent throughout open areas but I’m happy to use a different scent in the WC. Currently I have Persian Rose as the scent for my WC.

Karina Crombie Interior Designer Karina Crombie Interior Designer

What are some of the most treasured objects in your home?

Over the years I’ve collected some beautiful treasures. At the moment I’m loving my BZippy & Co vessels from Jardan. They’re handmade so each vase is unique. I’m also obsessed with my Camaleonda sofa – it's so comfy and stylish teamed up with a gold Atollo lamp from Euroluce. I’ve had one on my wishlist for years, so to finally own one is the best.

What time of day do you most enjoy being there?

I prefer mornings when the sun is streaming into our living room and kitchen area. The timber  batten screens cast beautiful shadows throughout the home.  

What about for yourself – which qualities or notes do you look for in a perfume?

I love jasmine, gardenia, woody and musky notes, nothing sweet. My personal favourites are the LUMIRA Bois D’Epices and Desert Nights perfumes, which I find perfect for any occasion. The Persian Rose Hand Wash and Lotion set is also divine and looks so good in my bathroom and kitchen.

Karina Crombie Interior Designer Karina Crombie Interior Designer



Written by Michelle Bateman