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Article: How to Build a Capsule Wardrobe of Luxury Woody Perfumes

How to

How to Build a Capsule Wardrobe of Luxury Woody Perfumes

Lumira Perfume

Just as a capsule wardrobe expands your outfit options by mixing and matching pieces, a fragrance capsule allows you to create new possibilities from the scents you love to wear. If you gravitate towards the depth and intrigue of woody notes in perfume, use them as the foundation to create your own fragrance capsule. Here’s how to do it.

How to build your fragrance capsule wardrobe

Begin by selecting three fragrances from the woody family, each with different notes and degrees of intensity. We recommend your three-piece capsule includes:  

  1. Bois d'Epices: A classic woody scent, pulsating warmth with a spicy nuance. 
  2. Soleil du Maroc: A lighter, fresher woody scent where the crisp notes of cedar are matched by zesty lime.
  3. Cuban Tobacco: With rich notes of mahogany and tobacco, this is the most robust woody fragrance in our collection.
How to wear Bois d’Epices

If you like the earthiness and depth of woody notes, Bois d'Epices will quickly become your go-to scent. Like a favourite pair of jeans, it can be dressed up or down, suits every occasion and always makes you feel fantastic.

This is the ultimate good-day scent so spritz it in the morning to set the mood for an excellent day ahead. The initial zing of grapefruit and lemon will dry down, allowing sandalwood, amber and guaiac wood to wrap around your skin like a hug. 

How to wear Soleil du Maroc

Zesty and aromatic, the crisp cedar notes in Soleil du Maroc offer an instant pick-me-up – especially on a hot summer’s day. Its secret twist? Lime zest and lemongrass in the top notes impart an unexpected take on citrus. Combined with vanilla pod in the dry down, this unusual composition is guaranteed to turn heads.

How to wear Cuban Tobacco

Woody fragrances can be complex and grounding or sensual and slightly wild. Cuban Tobacco straddles both categories. Well-rounded and bittersweet, it’s no exaggeration to say this fragrance smells incredible on everyone. Cuban Tobacco has a natural warmth, so it’s ideal for wearing in cooler weather … or any time you want to draw someone closer.

Creating new fragrance combinations

Lumira Perfume Layering

Layering unlocks new ways of wearing your favourite fragrance, as well as creating a scent that is unique to you. Here are a few ways to try it, using our trio of woody perfumes above. Three perfumes, unlimited possibilities.

Bois d'Epices and Soleil du Maroc

Apply Bois d'Epices and allow the heat from your body’s pulse points to gently release its velvety sandalwood and spicy accord before adding a few spritzes of Soleil du Maroc. The combination is light, fresh but with a hint of spice that feels beautifully sophisticated for a summer’s evening.

Cuban Tobacco and Bois d'Epices

This grounding combination plays with the earthiness of cedar and mahogany, while the spice accord is enriched and sweetened by cardamom and cloves. The sense of intrigue is a perfect match for an intimate evening.   

Cuban Tobacco and Soleil du Maroc

A dramatic dance between light and shade, this unexpected combination accentuates the sweet and sexy dark vanilla in the base notes of both scents. Apply Cuban Tobacco first then add the more delicate Soleil du Maroc. Wear it during autumn, or any time you want to feel cosy but fresh.



Written by Michelle Bateman