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Article: Celebrate the season with a luxury gin cocktail

A Life With Scent

Celebrate the season with a luxury gin cocktail

Tonic of Gin and Garden Grown

As this unforgettable year draws to a close, we’re ready to start winding down. It’s time to gather our dearest family and friends around us – whether face-to-face or in one of the virtual interactions that we’ve all become so accustomed to – and toast to a brighter future.

To capture the end-of-year ethos, we asked our friends at Grown Spirits to create a fresh summer LUMIRA cocktail using their Garden Grown Gin. You might recall that this particular tipple was the starting point for our collaborative, Tonic of Gin Candle (if you’re not familiar with the story of how the gin-scented candle came to fruition, be sure to read about it here).

According to Grown Spirits cofounder Will Miles, the current trend for new and artisanal luxury gin is only going from strength to strength. “It’s very experimental, with distillers trying new botanicals and new blends of flavours all the time,” he says. 

When it came to creating this cocktail, however, Miles erred on the side of simplicity. “After the crazy year we’ve had, let’s keep it simple,” he advises. Here, in five easy steps, is how to create your LUMIRA cocktail at home...

1. Light your Tonic of Gin Candle

2. Add 30ml Garden Grown Gin to a glass with ice

3. Top with premium Indian tonic water

4. Garnish with a curled slice of orange zest (no pith)

5. Sip gently with eyes closed. Enjoy summer.



Written by Michelle Bateman