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Article: How To Build A Holiday Fragrance Wardrobe

How to

How To Build A Holiday Fragrance Wardrobe

There’s a fine art to building a capsule of fragrances to take on your next vacation. No one wants to be stuck with the same scent on repeat day and night, but luggage space is precious and too many bottles can quite literally weigh you down.

That’s why we recommend the rule of three when curating a travel fragrance wardrobe. Choose wisely and opt for miniature sizes, and you’ll be covered for any situation. 

Consider your main destination

A vacation offers a sense of escape, a  breath of fresh air that allows you to experience something beyond the everyday. Unless you’re in a serious monogamous relationship with your signature scent, this break with routine should also extend to a style of perfume you might not normally consider. You never know, that holiday fragrance fling might even turn into a long-term relationship.

Start by considering your main destination and the activities you’re likely to enjoy while you’re away.  A light and uplifting fragrance is ideal for a coastal vacation. Citrus notes are an enlivening option if you plan to be active, or look for tropical-style florals – such as Balinese Ylang Ylang Perfume Oil – for a more glamorous beach vibe.

Heading to the country? Be inspired by the local area with a floral or fruity fragrance. Tuscan Fig Perfume Oil and Persian Rose Perfume Oil are fresh and romantic, and wear beautifully in either warm or cool weather.

Or, for a city escape, look for something with an edge, like Cuban Tobacco Perfume Oil. Sexy and enigmatic, it turns heads even on a crowded street.

Lumira Three scents to take on your next vacation

Add something special

Now you have your main travel fragrance sorted, add a second, special scent to your capsule collection. If you’re attending a destination wedding or another special occasion, this is the fragrance you’ll want to be wearing.

It can be whimsical or sophisticated but above all, it should be unique.  Long after you’ve returned home, this is the scent that will trigger powerful memories of your holiday. We love Arabian Oud Perfume Oil for this reason: with sandalwood, patchouli and oud, it has an opulence that makes it a true occasion scent.

Make your hotel feel like home

Your packing list should also include a travel-sized scented candle to refresh your hotel room or AirBnB. We often gravitate towards a scent that reminds us of home, such as the miniature Wilderness Candle from our Botanic Gardens Discovery Set. With aromatic notes of herbs and bush tea, it provides a comforting respite to return to at the end of a long day of exploring.    

Still can’t decide? Our Perfume Discovery Set contains six of our bestsellers in miniature 2ml perfume vials, so you can try something new everyday.




Written by Michelle Bateman