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Article: Does Your Home Need A Signature Scent?

A Life With Scent

Does Your Home Need A Signature Scent?

Cicero – the ancient Roman philosopher, lawyer and politician – travelled widely but was a homebody at heart. “Where could one settle more pleasantly than in one’s home?” he once asked. (This is also the man who famously declared that a room without books is like a body without a soul, but that’s for another story.)

As Cicero knew, there’s something comforting about coming home; of walking in the door and knowing this is the place you can feel utterly and pleasantly settled. It hardly matters whether ‘home’ is a city apartment, a country cabin or a single bedroom in a shared house – when you arrive, you just know it.

And the fastest way to zero in on that feeling is to give your home a signature scent. Fragrance has a time-tested ability to attach itself to mood and memory, making it the most powerful way to trigger that homecoming feeling in any abode. 

Choose your mood

Just as you determine your interior furnishings, only you can decide the mood you’re seeking to create with your home scent.

Should your home be a space that encourages deep relaxation? Consider the warm and comforting notes of Cuban Tobacco – the elegant patchouli, spicy nutmeg and cardamom, sensual vanilla. 

Or do you crave a space that leaves you feeling energised and creative? The sweet tang of Sicilian Citrus – with its zesty tangerine and heady orange blossom – brings a radiance to any room.

Perhaps you’re looking to create a welcoming and sophisticated atmosphere? Look for a scent that harmoniously balances its different components, such as Arabian Oud, which effortlessly evolves from its powdery floral core to the sticky sweetness of oud.  

Then, layer the scent

The flickering of a candle brings warmth to a living area, but it’s neither practical nor safe to leave one burning in every room (never leave a candle unattended for longer periods of time). Instead, consider other ways to introduce your signature scent throughout your home.  

Our chic Sphera set is a stunning addition to a bedroom table, while room sprays are ideal for bathrooms and other spaces that are used less frequently (here are five other ways you might not have considered using your room spray).

Complete your signature scent set with a hand wash and lotion duo in your powder rooms. This helps to create continuity, with a series of fragrant micro-moments throughout your home.  




Written by Michelle Bateman