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Article: How To Create Your Scent Persona

How to

How To Create Your Scent Persona

There’s no single way to select a scent. Choosing a perfume based on your preferred colour palette makes as much sense as one that conjures up your favourite coastal destination. More simply, you may like to match your fragrance to your outfit or to a particular event.

Or, you could use perfume to create an entirely new persona for yourself. Because scent operates as a powerful mood-altering substance, it speaks volumes about how you see yourself – or how you’d like to.

Intrigued? Read on for some olfactory role playing… 

When you want to feel ambitious, wear citrus

Have a job interview or important work meeting? Spritz on a citrus scent – studies have shown that go-getters are naturally drawn to this fragrance family. Notes of grapefruit, tangerine, lime or orange are naturally enlivening so they’ll help you feel more dynamic – and they’ll help others see you this way, too.

Try it with: Soleil du Maroc Parfum, with its aromatic bouquet of lemongrass, lime zest and basil.

Lumira Soleil du Maroc ParfumWhen you want to feel creative, wear woods

The inherent earthiness of woody notes gives off an air of confidence, while their spicy after notes help build intrigue. As well as being quite alluring, this interplay creates a playful self-assuredness that suggests anything is possible.

Try it with: Bois d'Épices Parfum, which has woody base notes and a spicy core.

Lumira Bois d'Épices ParfumWhen you want to create an air of mystery, wear oud

Used for centuries from Japan to the Middle East, oud has a complexity that is by turns sweet and woody, musty and nutty. Although widely popular now, this heady scent remains enveloped in an air of mystery that’s rich, exotic and slightly animalistic.

Try it with: Arabian Oud Parfum, where the namesake oud is complemented by an equally intriguing powdery rose.

When you want to feel romantic, wear white florals

White floral scents – jasmine, orange blossom, tuberose – possess a delicate dichotomy. Their first impression is joyful, almost light, but these are no mere fripperies. Give them time and they gently evolve into something truly intoxicating.

Try it with: La Primavera Parfum, a captivating scent that pays romantic tribute to San Remo, Italy’s City of Flowers. 





Written by Michelle Bateman