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Article: How to Layer Your Perfume for a New Season

How to

How to Layer Your Perfume for a New Season

There’s magic to be found in the in-between times, those transitional moments that don’t fall neatly into one category or another. We’re in the midst of such a moment right now, as the seasons begin to turn and the air is ripe with possibility. Whether you’re catching the first early glimpses of spring or eagerly awaiting autumn’s crisp cool mornings, this is also a time to begin experimenting with new fragrance combinations.

Take the opportunity to introduce a layered approach to luxury niche perfume application, injecting a hint of the new season via a selection of notes. Try these transitional combinations as you embrace those in-between moments.

If you’re entering spring…

Chances are you’ve spent the winter shrouded in the rich and nuanced notes of sandalwood, oud and leather – warm and grounding scents that also benefit from a little extra radiance come spring-time. You’ll find this uplift in tangy citrus notes such as tangerine and grapefruit, or classic florals like rose and peony.

So, if you’ve been wearing Arabian Oud Parfum during the cooler months, you might now try misting it over an application of Persian Rose Hand & Body Lotion to coax out the notes of damascena rose at the core of the Arabian Oud scent. The combination is fresh, sophisticated and ideal for spring-time wear.


If you’re entering autumn…

Enlivening citrus and heady white florals were failsafe choices throughout the summer, but now is the time to add depth and complexity with grounding notes of sandalwood, cedarwood and patchouli.  

How to approach it? If Bois d'Epices Parfum was your go-to selection for summer, you’ll likely be hooked on its immediate zing of grapefruit and lemon, warm and radiant as sunshine. Adapt this sunny scent for autumn’s chill by introducing an element of No.352 Leather & Cedar Perfume Oil. Together they harmonise into a spicy accord with an air of mystery and sensuality befitting of shorter days and night-time adventures.


A brief reminder: our roll-on perfume oils are ideal for layering any time of the year, as the rollerball applicator allows them to be strategically applied over or under another perfume or body lotion.



Written by Michelle Bateman