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Article: My Life in Scent: Helen-Jayne Driscoll

A Life With Scent

My Life in Scent: Helen-Jayne Driscoll

Helen Driscoll

Our new series, My Life in Scent, opens a window on the lives of some of our most stylish friends, as we invite them to share the ways in which they use fragrance to complement and enhance their day. Sydney-based creative Helen-Jayne Driscoll, the founder and creative director at Stylestructure, is known for her incredibly chic style that balances classic pieces with statement accessories.

Helen takes a similar approach to scent, returning time and again to tried-and-true favourites, while slowly introducing new discoveries to her fragrance collection.

When choosing my fragrance for the day, the first thing I consider is…

“The season – it really sways my decision. I tend to opt for fruity in the summer  – along the lines of mandarin or fig – and woody tones in the winter, such as patchouli, vetiver and cedarwood. I tend to wear a light scent in the day and a heavier one in the night.”

How fragrance prepares me for the day ahead…

“I like to make my bed as soon as I wake up, and spritz the Arabian Oud Room Spray. It’s long lasting, so it’s a nice scent to jump into bed to, after a long day. I also like to burn a candle while I’m working from home. The scent is season-dependent and I always prefer winter time working from home, as the light is dimmer at my desk. The candle adds more of a mood to my day.

“I keep returning to the La Primavera Candle as it’s great all year round. It helps get me in the mindset for a day at the desk and the scent isn’t too overpowering, so it’s a great one to burn for a few hours. ”

Helen DriscollI use scent to wind down at the end of the day…

“When I’m home in the evenings, I love to burn a candle in addition to turning on my lamps around the home. I'm not a fan of bright harsh lighting, so the flickering of the candle makes my space feel cosy despite the high ceilings. I also like to incorporate a fragrance into my body moisturiser. In the winter I swap this for an oil.”

My favourite LUMIRA fragrance is…

“I’ve always loved Paradisium Eau de Parfum – I find it’s such a multi-seasonal scent, and the 5ml size is perfect for hand luggage on holidays. It reminds me of beach holidays and warm weather, it definitely uplifts me.”

Helen Driscoll


Written by Michelle Bateman