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Article: My Scent Story / Vinny Chen, Simple Blanc

My Scent Story / Vinny Chen, Simple Blanc

Vinny Simple Blanc

Vinny Chen has a singular talent for making everything look incredibly chic. Through her platform Simple Blanc, she shares her vision for fashion, beauty and style, always with an air of quiet refinement.

To learn more about this Melbourne-based creative, we asked Vinny to reveal some of her oldest and dearest fragrance memories.

Can you tell us about a favourite scent from your childhood?

Ever since I was a little girl, perfume and the sense of smell has always intrigued me. For me, every scent has its own piece of memory. I was a bit addicted to the smell of leather, from the sofas at home to mum’s handbags. Its subtle, skin-like and sensual scent made me feel cosy and calm.

Is there a scent that reminds you of a time you spent travelling?

Frangipani flowers make me think of my first holidays in Bali. I like how it smells so refreshing and lovely – it reminds me of the exotic atmosphere of tropical beaches, greenery and sunshine.

Which perfume do you associate with a happy time in your life?

Eau de Charlotte by Annick Goutal was the very first fragrance I bought for myself when I was on holiday in Japan. It reminds of the good time I had travelling in Japan, as I wore this perfume throughout the whole trip.

Do you have a favourite LUMIRA fragrance that you find yourself returning to?

I love all the scents and each has its uniqueness for a different mood. Arabian Oud would be a favourite LUMIRA fragrance, if I had to pick one. I find myself always going back to it, as it always runs out quickly. I love its captivating smoky floral scent that evokes a romantic and relaxed mood and makes me calm.

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Written by Michelle Bateman