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Article: The Gift of Scent

Gift Ideas

The Gift of Scent

This holiday season is all about seeking meaningful connections. Whether you’re coming together with loved ones or sharing celebrations from afar, the right scent acts as a powerful force to elevate the atmosphere or shift the scene.

“If you’re selecting a scent as a gift for someone, it can be useful to consider the feeling or mood you’d like to help them invoke,” says LUMIRA founder and creator director Almira Armstrong. “Certain fragrance notes are known for their uplifting effect, while others are calming or promote feelings of harmony.”

The following gift ideas are not only luxurious, they also encourage hope, optimism and happiness – qualities everyone will enjoy this holiday season.


Inspired by the natural beauty of Zanzibar, our newest Parfum is a complex scent that has a simple effect: to make the wearer feel good. It weaves its magic on multiple levels – lemon, grapefruit and citrus in the top notes are immediately uplifting and invigorating, while jasmine and rose in the mid-notes offer a sigh of happiness. Finally, the base is infused with guaicwood, which has been used for centuries for clearing and raising energy levels.  

Sphera with Arabian Oud

Heady notes of musk, amber and resinous oud create a sophisticated atmosphere that encourages warmth and intimacy. Our Arabian Oud fragrance collection offers various ways to enjoy this scent, from a luxury candle to our bestselling Parfum.

But the newest and undoubtedly most show-stopping way is with Sphera, our limited-edition hand-blown glass sphere housing scented volcanic rocks.

Balinese Ylang Ylang Hand Wash

Our entire hand wash collection is formulated using the finest sustainably sourced fragrance oils and housed in refillable and recyclable glass bottles. Balinese Ylang Ylang features earthy sandalwood – long prized for its ability to promote a blissed-out feeling of relaxation – and the namesake Ylang Ylang, an ode to sensuality and romance.  

Persian Rose Perfume Oil

Of all the flowers, none is as synonymous with romance as the rose. But this most heavenly of all florals is not just for lovers. Fresh and clean with a slightly powdery dry-down, rose promotes feelings of love and harmony among the wearer and those around them. Our roll-on Persian Rose Perfume Oil is a beautiful gift on its own, or can be enjoyed as part of our six-piece Perfume Oil Discovery Set.



Written by Michelle Bateman