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Article: The making of Desert Nights


The making of Desert Nights

The making of Desert Nights

There’s a particular shade of deep inky-blue that blankets the night sky in Marrakech, its depths punctuated by thousands of twinkling stars. It has the curious effect of making the viewer feel both miniscule and a part of something much bigger.

For LUMIRA founder and creative director Almira Armstrong, watching the darkness descend over the ancient city is an awe-inspiring experience. “On both my visits to Morocco, I’ve been struck by the incredible light – and the blinding darkness,” she says. “It’s a magical experience that’s quite unlike anything I’ve found elsewhere.”

Fittingly, Armstrong has translated this dance with the dark into Desert Nights, a woody oriental scent that’s one of LUMIRA’s newest fragrances. “Morocco engages all your senses, with its rainbows of colour and urban-orchestra of sounds. But for me, scent has always been the most powerful,” she says. 

Desert Nights Parfum

When creating Desert Nights, Armstrong began with the tangible: “As dusk falls in Marrakech, you can literally feel the heat of the day begin to evaporate from the desert and the ancient souks that line its perimeter. There’s a rich earthiness to it that seems unchanged for centuries. I’ve included notes of saffron, spices and mosses to capture this moment.”

To convey the sense of awe and wonder evoked by the sky itself, she turned to a heady and exotic blend of oud, patchouli and sandalwood.

“This scent is unabashedly rich and exotic, designed to create a sense of mystery in the wearer – male or female,” Armstrong explains. “It was created with evening wear in mind, but also makes a striking impression during the daytime.”

The fragrance has found admirers far and wide, including blogger Clayton Ilolahia from What Men Should Smell Like. He nominates Desert Nights as his favourite LUMIRA scent, noting that, “the parfum dries down to warm textured leather on the skin.”

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The making of Desert Nights


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Written by Michelle Bateman