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Article: The making of Tuscan Fig


The making of Tuscan Fig


When LUMIRA founder Almira Armstrong began planning her luxury Australian fragrance house back in the early 2010s, she had a very clear idea of her first scent.   

“Tuscany is such a special place for my husband and I,” she says. “We spend our days there exploring small towns and meeting the locals, and our evenings enjoying an aperitivo while watching the sun set over the hills. The Mediterranean sun is something else – it fills the sky and sends such warmth to bake the earth, it simply radiates goodness.”

While the natural landscape – with its hills covered by rambling olive groves, tall, proud cypress and imposing fig trees – is spectacular, it meets its match in the art-filled towns of the region. A cultural hub for the Renaissance, Tuscany is filled with treasures at every turn.

Tuscany Luca Micheli

“This juxtaposition between the natural beauty and the historical art left such an impact on me,” says Armstrong. “With LUMIRA, I wanted to bring together all of these qualities – travel, nature, culture – through the power of scent. And I knew I had to have a scent dedicated to Tuscany, to remind me of this beautiful place.”

After working on the Tuscan Fig Candle for more than 12 months, it launched in 2013, and has continued to be one of the most popular in the collection. The namesake fig scent imparts a milky-sweet centre to the fragrance, which is balanced by the fresh green tang of fig leaves and a piercing note of blackcurrant. Patchouli and musk create an earthy, sensual base that’s reminiscent of sun-drowsy afternoons. 

LUMIRA Tuscan Fig Candle

The Tuscan Fig Perfume Oil complements the candle and is, says Armstrong, “a beautiful scent to wear all year round, whether you’re at home or out for the day.”

LUMIRA Tuscan Fig Perfume Oil



Written by Michelle Bateman