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Article: Three unexpected places to apply perfume


Three unexpected places to apply perfume

Coco Chanel once famously remarked that a woman should apply perfume “wherever one wants to be kissed”. It was a suitably titillating comment from the designer whose lovers included poets, painters and millionaires.

Chanel herself may have encouraged spritzing with abandon, but the wrists and neck have remained the preferred application points. There’s a reason for this: these ‘pulse points’ have veins close to the surface, allowing the pulsating blood to subtly heat the skin and better release the scent.

But they’re by no means the only places that perfume should be applied. Try these alternatives the next time you spritz or roll on your favourite fragrance.

The crook of the elbow

Another pulse point, the elbow is a delightful place to nestle a few drops of perfume. It can even be preferable to the wrist, especially if you wish to save leather watches or jewellery from developing a patina caused by fragrance oils. 

Try it with Bois d'Épices Parfum – the ultimate feelgood scent, it deserves to be flaunted with a sleeveless top or dress.

Behind the knees

Weak at the knees? You won’t be the only one, after applying perfume to this androgynous zone. Plus, you’ll leave a wisp of scent in your wake wherever you go.

Try it with Balinese Ylang Ylang Perfume Oil – the heady bouquet of black orchid, jasmine and ylang ylang is a year-round favourite. The rollerball tip of our perfume oils allows for targeted application, to keep the fragrance away from clothing.

In the hair

Mist your favourite fragrance directly above your head and allow it to perfume your hair. The drops of scent catch on each strand, leaving it to linger for longer.

Try it with Desert Nights Parfum – this application technique is best kept for a special occasion and this heady and exotic blend is the ultimate occasion scent.




Written by Michelle Bateman