Three Ways to Use Our Tuscan Fig Scented Ceramic Tags

Crafted from matte white ceramic, our Scented Tags are a sleek and sophisticated way to enjoy the unmistakable fragrance of Tuscan Fig. The scent is luscious and comforting, capturing the warmth of the Italian countryside where the milky-sweetness of the fig is contrasted with the fresh green of its leaves. This delicate balance of sweet and fresh makes Tuscan Fig a perfect choice for the home or personal use.

Each tag comes packaged with a 5ml vial of Tuscan Fig, to be refreshed as needed. Here are three ways to use our Scented Tags to elevate your home or your travels. 

In the wardrobe

With a satin ribbon for hanging, the tags can be strung between garments or slid into a drawer to perfume folded knitwear or lingerie. The scent leaves a subtle imprint on your garments, which layers beautifully with Tuscan Fig Perfume Oil or may also be teamed with a contrasting perfume.

In the car

Hang a Scented Tag from the rearview mirror and suddenly the road ahead will seem much sweeter. The fragrance is subtle enough it won’t become overpowering in a small space and the ceramic disc – with its embossed Atelier Lumira logo – is a chic addition to any dashboard. 

In your luggage

The shape of the disc is deliberately inspired by an old-fashioned luggage tag and we encourage you to enjoy it on your travels. Why not leave a Scented Tag inside your suitcase, so it remains delicately perfumed and ready for your next trip? Tuscan Fig is well-suited to both warm and cool climates so it makes the ideal travel companion.





Written by Michelle Bateman