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Article: Change your day in 15 minutes

A Life With Scent

Change your day in 15 minutes

Today is International Fragrance Day and while there’s so much to enjoy about fragrance, nothing is more powerful than its ability to change our mood.

I hope you’ll set aside a few moments today for one or two of these intentional, mood-boosting activities – you’ll be rewarded with an entirely new outlook on your day.

- Almira

Select your scent

Do you need an enlivening shot of citrus or are sandalwood’s grounding qualities more your speed? Find the fragrance that will give your mind what it needs.

Lumira Perfume

Try a ritual

Use your candle’s flickering flame to enhance focus during your meditation ritual. Read more about how it’s done.  

Lumira Scented Candles

Travel through music

Take a sonic journey to the Amalfi Coast with this bright and breezy Spotify playlist.

Lumira Travel Playlist

Take a shortcut

When you need an instant pick-me-up and don’t have time to spare, simply spritz our Bois d'Epices Parfum. A radiant blend of citrus and spice, it’s our ultimate feelgood fragrance.

Lumira Bois d'Epices Eau de Parfum