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Article: Entertaining With Scent This Easter

How to

Entertaining With Scent This Easter

Whether you’re entertaining at home, planning a long-weekend escape or just recharging the batteries, there’s a scent to complement every mood this Easter. 

Good Friday

This is traditionally a day to enjoy a seafood banquet and nothing pairs better than the fresh, zesty scent of citrus.

Burn Sicilian Citrus Candle, our ode to the tangy-sweet scent of southern Italy, where centuries-old blood orange orchards overlook the sparkling turquoise sea. You might also detect a hint of tangerine, softened by the intoxicating perfume of orange blossom and jasmine.

Easter Saturday

Hark back to the holiday’s original meaning as a celebration of the coming springtime. Embrace all that is glorious about spring with a spritz of La Primavera Parfum, a romantic tribute to the flower festivals of San Remo, Italy. With its floral bouquet of jasmine, rose leaf, lily and patchouli, this heavenly scent is ideal for an Easter Saturday picnic in the park.  

And, should you be located in the southern hemisphere, La Primavera also functions as a vibrant last hurrah for the warmer weather.

Lumira La Primavera Eau de ParfumEaster Sunday

If you’re serving lunch with all the trimmings, you’ll know that the smallest of details are important. Set the scene with a singular scent story by burning Persian Rose Candles throughout your home and adding Persian Rose Hand Wash and Hand & Body Lotion to the bathroom.

With its notes of mysterious oud adding depth to the rose, your guests will appreciate this  contemporary version of a traditional scent.

Easter Monday

Taking a day to relax? Create the cocooning atmosphere you crave with our Cuban Tobacco Candle. This warm, spicy scent is reminiscent of the traditional tabaquerías in Cuba and is the ideal accompaniment to an afternoon spent reading or immersed in a stylish documentary.

Lumira Cuban Tobacco Scented Candle




Written by Michelle Bateman