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Article: Interview with The Grace Tales


Interview with The Grace Tales

Almira Armstrong On Living A Graceful Life (And How To Relax)

One look at Sydney-based Almira Armstrong and the thinking behind skin care line philosophy's amazing grace collection comes to mind: "a little grace is all it takes to make each day more beautiful." Indeed, she knows a thing or two about how to live a graceful life (yes, it's possible even with two kids, Riaz, 5, and Alia, 2)...

It’s no wonder Armstrong is the chic founder of Lumira, a gorgeous line of candles and scents. “I have a candle burning throughout most of the day, and I really do like to mix this up based on the weather, my mood, where I’m working,” she says. In the morning as the sun rises, she’ll light the Lumira Sicilian Citrus. “It sets the tone for the day and really does infuse a bit of that paradise sensibility into your surroundings.”

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