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Article: Raise your vibrations with a citrus scent


Raise your vibrations with a citrus scent

In spite of their juicy radiance, there’s something faintly mysterious about citrus fruit. Long before Leonard Cohen sang about the seductive Suzanne, who “fed you tea and oranges that came all the way from China”; even before the Chilean poet Pablo Neruda swooned over the “halves of a miracle” that comprise a lemon, these radiant orbs have channelled romance as well as sunshine.

With their energy and lightness of spirit, it’s little wonder citrus was one of the earliest scent families to be used in perfume, stretching all the way back to the original perfume waters of the mid-14th century.

As the different varieties of citrus spread from Asia to the Middle East and eventually Europe via Calabria, its popularity swelled – along with its exotic connotations. By the early 18th century, citrus notes such as lemon, orange and bergamot dominated the new trend for eaux de cologne.

Their mix of the effervescent and the exotic have helped citrus to endure, but it’s their effect on the psyche that keeps them at the forefront. Citrus carries with it an air of escapism and a vibrancy that’s eternally invigorating.

As the Australian singer, songwriter and DJ KLP says about our bestselling Sicilian Citrus Candle: “It’s just an escape, it takes me on a holiday to Europe. It sets the mood right and it really allows me to get the creative juices flowing.”


It would be a mistake, however, to think all citrus scents are alike. Sicilian Citrus, for example, harnesses the warmth and zest of orange and tangerine, with a sharp tang that focuses the mind, making it an excellent choice for the home office or creative studio.

Then there are the softer citrus notes like mandarin and bergamot, subtle scents that verge on floral. They have a fresh and sparkling feel that’s uplifting in a dreamy, nostalgic way, reminiscent of the very best holiday memories. This is the spirit we’ve captured in the Paradiso del Sole Candle, Room Spray and Hand Wash, an ideal trio for layering to create a bright and joyful mood at home. 


Whichever citrus scent you choose, it will help shift the energy in a room, infusing everyday tasks with warmth and vitality.




Written by Michelle Bateman