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Article: A Seasonal Scent Shift


A Seasonal Scent Shift

The seasons are a harbinger of mood as much as weather. Winter may be accompanied by lower energy levels, a need to feel steady and cocooned, while the dazzling heat of summer will summon a vibrancy of spirit. According to Ayurvedic wisdom, these tendencies can be nurtured with a mindful combination of foods, exercise and lifestyle.

We believe fragrance also plays an important role and that a seasonal scent should be selected for its impact on the spirit as much as its ability to match the weather outside. With the biannual seasonal shift now upon us, we look at how to match a perfume to the mood of the season.

If you’re entering winter…

There’s a desire to stay indoors, to be swathed in luxurious fabrics, to embrace an overall mood of coziness the Danes call hygge. As the wind howls and the rain pelts, we want to feel safe, steady, grounded. 

Sandalwood comes to the fore in winter – this velvety-smooth note is renowned for its grounding properties. Also look for rich and nuanced notes like leather, tobacco and woody cedar, mahogany or guaiac wood. And, just as spicy food induces heat, so too do spice notes of cardamom and saffron impart a stirring warmth.

Our top winter perfumes include:


If you’re entering summer…

Take your cue from the sun: rise early, beam brightly and dazzle all with your energy and brilliance. Summer has an enlivening effect on our psyche that can be invigorating to be around. At times, however, you may also crave the coolness of ocean spray or icy poles.

The zest of sparkling citrus is an ideal match for the effervescence of summer – look for notes of grapefruit, lime and bergamot in addition to the usual orange or lemon. Rose has a fresh exuberance that feels right at this time of year, while ylang-ylang fully embraces the drowsy narcotic effects of the season. Peppermint and camphor provide a cooling antidote to summer’s heat. 

Our top summer perfumes include:

  • Bois d'Épices Parfum – an enlivening blend of grapefruit and mixed citrus, rose and intoxicating jasmine, this is a summer vacation in a bottle.
  • Persian Rose Perfume Oil – a true day-to-night scent that’s fresh enough for the heat of the day but with a rich base of musk and patchouli.
  • Soleil du Maroc Parfum – a study in contrasts, where the uplifting combination of lemongrass, basil and lime zest meets the earthiness of cedar and guaiac wood.





Written by Michelle Bateman