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Article: Wear the good perfume


Wear the good perfume

Even when you truly love perfume – when you close your eyes and inhale deeply with each spritz – it can be easy to fall into a fragrance rut. This scent is for everyday; that one is for casual dinners; and the one over there is only worn on summer holidays.

And as for that other perfume? Well, it’s reserved for special occasions, the kind that come along roughly once a month (if you’re very lucky).

Whether you have five fragrances or 50 in your collection, you will almost certainly have a ‘good’ perfume. It was perhaps originally selected for a milestone affair – a wedding, a black-tie event. Or maybe it was chosen on a whim by virtue of the fact that it’s so very unlike every other scent you enjoy.

No matter how your good perfume came to be in your possession, we’re here to tell you this: it should be worn and loved frequently and with great abandon. No fragrance should be left to languish in a cabinet – least of all the good perfume.

Here are three excellent reasons to seize the moment and wear the good perfume today…

The feelings

A good perfume never happens by accident. It’s the result of sheer alchemy, a combination of notes that leaves you feeling buoyant, attractive and charming. It helps you channel a version of yourself that turns heads the moment you walk into a room. And this version of yourself deserves to be seen more often than once a month.

If we’ve learnt anything from the past two years it’s the importance of celebrating the everyday. And just as any occasion is worth dressing up for, so too is it worth accessorising with a scent you truly love.

The memories

Picture this: you’re mid-way through a particularly tedious video meeting with no apparent end in sight, when suddenly and quite without warning, you’re mentally transported to your engagement party. You feel the love in the air, the happiness, the sense of ease.  

It lasts a split second at most, but it’s enough to reframe your entire day. And all because you’ve applied the same scent you wore that night. 

This is the true power and magic of perfume – it acts as an invisible thread, connecting us with our most precious memories. No perfume can do this as powerfully as the good perfume can.

The quality

Once opened, a bottle of perfume should last between 3–5 years before the scent begins to change. Oxygen and sunlight deteriorate the essential oils and, even with careful storage and care, perfume will lose its longevity. In other words, saving your good perfume for special occasions might mean missing out on future wear.

Surely it’s far better to enjoy every last drop now, to feel on top of the world and to revel in the memories it evokes?

Searching for a new good perfume?

These parfums will turn every day into a special occasion.

Arabian Oud Parfum

A dance between resinous oud and powdered rose, this sensual and dignified scent leaves a lingering imprint on the skin.


Bois d'Épices Parfum

A true olfactory escape, this unabashedly feelgood scent marries vibrant citrus with a hypnotic floral core.


Desert Nights Parfum

With notes of oud, sandalwood and earthy spices, this fragrance makes a statement after dark – and also in the daytime.




Written by Michelle Bateman