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Article: Scented Ceramics – Better For You and Better For the Planet

A Life With Scent

Scented Ceramics – Better For You and Better For the Planet

Scented Ceramic

Surrounding yourself with scent provides a powerful means of sensory escape, but it should never come at a cost to the planet. At LUMIRA, we continue to explore new options for fragrance that promote ethical behaviour and support a circular economy – including our new Scented Ceramic tags.

Crafted from matt ceramic and embossed with a stylised version of our logo, these sophisticated scented discs promote a long-lasting and mindful scent experience.

A reusable design

Unlike single-use fragrance products, Scented Ceramics may be used an infinite number of times. Simply refresh the scent with a perfume oil – our Ceramic comes with a 5ml vial of Tuscan Fig or alternatively, a few drops of our Essenza Oil may also be used.

Sustainably sourced oils

All LUMIRA fragrance oils are ethically sourced, which means they’re vegan-friendly, cruelty-free and only sourced from suppliers whose ethical business practices align with our own. Learn more about our sourcing policy here.

Softer, ambient scent

Scented Ceramics offer a beautiful alternative to aerosol home fragrances. Unlike traditional air fresheners, the perfume is emitted directly from the ceramic to lightly scent a closet and its contents. 

Recyclable packaging

Each ceramic tag comes boxed in chic gift packaging that’s fully recyclable in regular household recycling. To recycle the 5ml refill vial, we recommend first removing the atomiser pump and cap.



Written by Michelle Bateman