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Article: Wardrobe Accessories – Nostalgic Charm with Contemporary Updates

A Life With Scent

Wardrobe Accessories – Nostalgic Charm with Contemporary Updates

Tuscan Fig Scented Ceramic

Whether you have a penchant for bohemian 1970s YSL or prefer the normcore charm of 1990s The Gap, a distinct sense of nostalgia is permeating our wardrobes right now. So it feels only right to extend this wistfulness for years gone by to a set of wardrobe accessories that makes our clothing collection feel like a curated and precious part of the home.

Taking time to properly fold or hang a garment gives us pause, encouraging us to slow down, enjoy what’s in front of us and approach our closet with a timeless and joyful perspective. Our Scented Drawer Liners and Scented Ceramic Tags have been designed to enhance such rituals, harking back to a time when things were slower and attention was properly paid to the small details in life.

The possibility of opening a drawer or cupboard and encountering the scent of Arabian Oud or Tuscan Fig infuses a quotidian situation with a warm, nostalgic glow. However, while nostalgia has an undoubted charm, it was essential that certain details of our wardrobe accessories be updated to better reflect the demands of 21st century life. Such contemporary updates include:

Luxury scents

Cloying or old-fashioned notes are unacceptable in a modern-day closet. Our wardrobe accessories are enhanced with some of our most-loved fragrances, including Arabian Oud for the Scented Drawer Liners and Tuscan Fig for the Scented Ceramic, imparting a lightly scented imprint on garments stored within.

Circular economy

Designing products with longevity and responsibility is always a prime consideration at LUMIRA. Our ceramic tag minimises waste by being infinitely reusable – it comes with a 5ml vial of Tuscan Fig fragrance, to be refreshed as needed. The drawer liner sheets may be refreshed using Arabian Oud Room Spray or repurposed as chic wrapping paper. The fragrance oils in both products are sustainably sourced, non-toxic and cruelty-free.

Sophisticated design

We’ve reimagined a nostalgic fragrance moment, giving the drawer liners a sleek and contemporary update with a stylised black-and-white interpretation of the LUMIRA logo, and embossed gift box packaging. Similarly, the ceramic tags are crafted from smooth matte white ceramic and embossed with the logo; a satin ribbon is attached for hanging. It’s only fitting that our wardrobe accessories are as sophisticated and desirable as your closet itself.



Written by Michelle Bateman