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St Peters NSW 2044

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LUMIRA is a luxury scented candle and fragrance house founded by Almira Armstrong in Sydney, Australia. LUMIRA products are your luxury lifestyle essentials. Copyright 2017 Atelier Lumira.



Kate Bonnett

GLAMPING; GLAMOROUS CAMPING. Understandably, camping can be either loved or very much disliked by the individual. Perhaps you were brought up with holidays jam-packed with camping, campfires purely for roasting marshmallows and equipped with the coolest sleeping bag out. Or, maybe you always travelled far and resided in resorts or quaint hotels that were just right, with the best breakfasts and the revolving doors at reception that were next level fun. Either or, at Lumira we’re bring you four options to fill your glamping desires, combining luxury, adventure and fragrance in one.

It’s the epitome of a fabulous investment. If you and your friends or family are keen on getting out of town, or just into the backyard for a night or two or three, The Seek Society have all the answers. They are a community based and earth conscious business who are passionate about travelling and respecting the earth while resting on it’s grounds. They provide sustainable and earth-friendly outdoor equipment that are made to last - Introducing The Londonderry. A 4m, canvas bell tent designed to sleep up to four humans, that exudes comfort and style. Having your own luxury tent heightens your freedom and can be lent to a friend if need be. On an important side note, they are fire retardant… So bring all the Lumira Travel Candles your heart desires. We suggest Arabian Oud or No. 352 for bringing the warmth and romance with you.

This one is for the weekends away that you know are going to be utterly divine, and so over the top, but you also can’t help but feel giddy in the heart and the goosebumps aren’t a result of the cold. Love Cabins in The Blue Mountains have a few specifically themed tents, cabins and caves in this case. We’re lusting over their ‘Enchanted Cave’, you’re very own hole in the wall cave, complete with a kitchen, luxury bath tub, queen bed, fireplace, a hand carved love seat and the most spectacular view. You have the task of bring your own food, but let's be honest, champagne and wine are all you’d need in a cave with your other half. When it’s not fireplace appropriate season, a Lumira Travel Candle is the answer to the ensuite bathroom and to the bedside table. Cuban Tobacco and Tropical Gardenia would be ideal for the cosy nights and the fresh air mornings.

Image via Love Cabins

Image via Love Cabins

This is the version of glamping that really appeals to the camping lovers and luxury hotel goers. All you have to do as a ‘glamper’, is bring clothing, food, a Lumira Travel Candle and the rest is provided. Including 100% linen bed sheets. Simple Pleasures Camping provides you with a camping package that completes you with a 5m bell tent, kitchen supplies, bedding, floor coverings and various appliances to accommodate you in utmost style and comfort. Along with this, you are able to choose from a number of different camping sites available through Simple Pleasures. While you enjoy the fragrance of nature, bring a slice of home with you too and burn Persian Rose or Tahitian Coconut on your provided table and chair set.

Only a mere half an hour drive away from Hunter Valley Wineries, The Donnybrook Eco Retreat can either be the place you reside to read a book and paint the landscape, or discover walking tracks and adventure with your pooch. At Donnybrook they are ‘committed to a sustainable lifestyle’, providing guests with a retreat that is built with long lasting and sustainable materials. Depending on what cabin/tent you decide to bunker down in, you could have a BBQ, relaxing basket chair, a tyre swing (great for children), kettle and toaster, or even a dinghy and paddle to bask in the sun with upon the lake. Located in the Luskintyre region of NSW’s Hunter Valley there are magnificent sunsets and rises to gawk at and many fragrances to create everlasting memories with. Bring Donnybrook home with you and burn a Lumira Travel Candle on your retreat. Maybe Tuscan Fig or Balinese Ylang Ylang will suit you more than well…


Kate Bonnett

We’re on the final stretch until Mother’s Day this weekend and ready to bow the ribbons and give all the love possible. Some of us are incredibly organised and had the gift part sorted weeks ago and some of us not so, and have managed to leave it until the last minute (sorry, Mum). In our previous Journal post, we highlighted the fact that sometimes not actually giving a physical gift and enjoying an experience with your Mum instead can be as equally grand or even better. Maybe that direction isn’t your style and you simply love to see the reaction as she tears away the wrapping. So in this week’s Journal we have suggested a few stores in the Sydney CBD (easy to get to on your lunch break) and Eastern Suburbs area (combine your breakfast and shopping?) to purchase lovely and stylish gifts for your Mother this week.

Sydney is bustling with fabulous stores. On the streets, underground, in small alley ways and of course in the larger department stores. If you’re planning on doing your purchases on your lunch break or in the last hour until doors shut, it’s definitely a good idea to have an idea on what you’re looking for and to focus on just that. Below we’ve listed a number of stores and which categories you should look out for depending on the Brand.


Where: 5 Martin Place, Sydney NSW 2000 | Ph: (02) 9231 3944
Focus: Jewellery and small accessories. Cos is fab for small gifts. The jewellery is simple, some delicate and some bold, and for small accessories there are many socks, small purses and bags to choose from. They also do delightful gift wrapping and the customer service is nothing short of charming.

Where: Shop 77, The Strand Arcade, 412 - 414 George Street, Sydney NSW 2000 | Ph: (02) 9223 2953
Focus: Dinosaur Designs is one of those shops that you walk into and wonder why you haven’t come across it earlier (that is if you haven’t already). The focuses in this store are Jewellery, soaps and small ornaments. By ornaments we mean small, detailed pots and vases and small, brass pebbles.  

Where: Westfield Sydney, 188 Pitt St, Sydney NSW 2000 | Ph: (02) 9232 8399
Focus: If you are happy to spend possibly a larger amount of money this Mother’s Day, Harrolds is a divine destination. Focus on the sunglasses, small leather goods and jewellery. They house International and Australian brands such as Sarah and Sebastian. Have a mid-day coffee while you’re in there too.

Where: The Galeries, Level 2, 500 George St, Sydney NSW 2000 | Ph: (02) 9262 7996
Focus: Cookbooks, Autobiographies, and ALL of the Japanese stationery. I can’t stress to you how amazing this store is. The largest retailer in Sydney with over 300,000 titles in English, Japanese, German and French. The stationery is incredible, service is prompt if needed and you can also pick up a cute Kinokuniya bag to take your goodies away with you.

Where: Westfield Sydney, Level 3, Sydney NSW 2000 | Ph: (02) 9231 0491
Focus: Macarons, available in boxes of 6 - 12, also with the option of choosing every flavour yourself. These sweet delights are truly blissful and the flavours are adventurous. They are wrapped and kept in small boxes which are easy to store in your work fridge whilst at work. Refrigerated they will keep for up to a week. Bon appétit!

Where: Shop 22, The Strand Arcade, 412 - 414 George St, Sydney NSW 2000 | (02) 9221 0545
Focus: Pre-jarred tea, herbs, and small kitchen accessories. This store is just magnificent and the fragrance that lures you in from about 10 metres before the actual store is completely decadent. Either buy jars of Turmeric latte spice tea, Sleepy slumber tea, or go for some spices; Moroccan spice, Cardamom Pistachio spice, or Apple Pie spice. Then there are the small rose gold brass pots and embossed cutlery…


Where: 3/11 - 13 Hall Street, Bondi Beach, Sydney NSW 2026 | Ph: (02) 9130 3666
Focus: Because of Lucy Folk’s quirky designs, the focus has to be on the bright socks, characteristic sunglasses and basically all the jewellery… sorry, it’s incredibly hard to stay calm and focused in a shop as pretty as this one! The beaded bracelets and rings are so gorgeous and are fun gifts, along with the dainty ear studs and earrings.

Where: The Church, 261 Oxford Street, Paddington, Sydney NSW 2021 | Ph: (02) 9331 0999
Focus: The focus at Parlour X comes down to small leather goods, sunglasses, bags, belts, and jewellery. There’re so many reasons to spend hours in this store trying on styles and accessorising the outfit you already acquire. Pick something luxurious up for Mum that can last forever and can add sparkle and class to any outfit she may wear.

Where: 24 Glenmore Rd, Paddington, Sydney NSW 2021 | Ph: (02) 9331 7222
Focus: I want to say everything, but that isn’t the aim of this post. Focus on yoga mats, small leather goods, pom pom tassels/keychains or go for one of their fab gift cards! Mode Sportif is style in a nutshell. They also have a grand selection of sunglasses and bags which are great ideas if you are wanting to spend a little extra.

Where: 285A Crown Street, Surry Hills, Sydney NSW 2010 | Ph: (02) 9538 0855
Focus: The focuses in HAY are notebooks, miniature cassette players and tablet/ipad cases. The lovely thing about this store is that the products are heavily design focused which makes them stand out from other products in other store like this. They also stock bathroom, kitchen and home accessories & furniture.

Where: 2/406 - 410 Crown Street, Surry Hills, Sydney NSW 2010 | Ph: (02) 9380 2010
Focus: Keychains, socks and most definitely jewellery. A quaint store down the steps off crown street, the sunlight beams in on the accessories and jewellery as if it were meant to be. The necklaces, bracelets and keychains are somewhat luxury pieces and elegantly crafted.


Kate Bonnett

EVEN THOUGH EVERY DAY A MOTHER’S LOVE is one of the purest of all, we dedicate a particular day to enhance the glow of gold light that beams around them, to thank, cherish and spoil even more. It’s so easy to regard this day as one that is materialistic and one that can only be acknowledged in the form of gifts and objects. No matter how long you keep the wrapping, store in special places or utilise until you can’t anymore, there’s nothing that will last longer than a memory or feeling. For this Mother’s day, why not give the gift of memory and experience in whatever way that suits the desires and quirks of your Mother…

Escape to the seaside or to the trees for a blissful walk/hike (if you’re into that) during the day or morning. Sydney is abundant with tracks and guided paths that scale the cliffs, shores and national parks. Or perhaps it may be a bush walk near your home that you and your mother enjoy. Whatever the case, we’ve created a list of a few of our favourite places to tread. Remember to consume ample amounts of water as it’s important to stay hydrated, and will benefit you for the rest of the day and the morning after...
Coastal                                                                               Bush
// Bradley’s Head to Chowder Bay                                      // Cooper Park Trails
// Chinaman’s Beach to Balmoral Beach                             // Barrenjoey Lighthouse
// Bondi to Coogee                                                          // Sugarloaf Bay/North Arm Reserve

This segment is titled ‘Gin & Water’ for a reason. To finish off the day and meander into the night, why not head to a Gin bar or any bar for that matter, to laugh and lavish your mother with delicious fruity Gins or wines, (permission to call this ‘Alcohol & Water’ if you want). Some bars have amazing tasting nights and experiences allowing you to learn and drink at the same time or help you create your own blend… Don’t mind if we do.
// Fratelli Paradisio, Potts Point
// Love, Tilly Devine, Darlinghurst
// Archie Rose Distillery, Rosebery
// Stillery, Double Bay
// Tonic Lane, Neutral Bay

Never underestimate the luxury of staying at home and cooking a meal for your family. Spend the night before, going through your favourite recipe books for ideas or endeavour to create your favourite childhood meal that your mother used to make for you; even if it is scrambled eggs on toast and bagels in the morning (or for dinner). It’s a gesture that will be treasured as much as any other gift. Some of the favourites from our childhoods here at Lumira are: Lemon Risotto, Crépes with Plum Jam, Pasta with any sort of Sacla sauce, and Lasagna.

Via The Boathouse

Via The Boathouse

An early start, fabulous car tunes, and a jacket are all you need for the perfect day out of town. Whether it’s just your mother and yourself or the whole family, decide on a destination and head away for the day. There’s a feeling around just leaving the city for the day because you know you’re going to find, see and do new things, but with the comfort of being back at home for the night to feel rejuvenated and rested for the next day. This is also an excellent way to get Mum’s mind off work, the house or the children just for a while to feel refreshed and light. Below is a list of spots just outside of Sydney that are perfect for a day away.
// Berry - For the ones who don’t mind warming up with fresh, hot doughnuts and admiring retro architecture - Berry is a quaint village bursting with character and home to one of the state's most talked about Doughnut Vans.
// Hunter Valley - For wine, wine, scenery and more wine. The hunter might be the exception to stay overnight in, simply because there’s the case of having one glass too many.
// Leura - For the wanderers and window shoppers, adorned with homewares, antique and candle shops, Leura is embellished with all sorts and only just an hour and a half drive from Sydney.
// Palm Beach - For the readers based in the Southern/Eastern parts of Sydney and would like to stay in the Sydney realm, head up north to Palm Beach where there’s lots to see, do and eat, in specific, at The Boathouse.

Merci, Mama!


Kate Bonnett

Mother and daughter design duo Charlotte and Poppy O’Neil set up POCO Designs 8 years ago, and are responsible for transforming numerous residential and commercial interiors in Sydney. Their combined passions and a love of travel infuse all elements of their work. Daughter Poppy chats to Lumira about working as a team with her mother, the importance of scent, travel, and shares a few of her favourite city spots.  

Charlotte and I launched the POCO Designs after working as a team on Joh Bailey’s flagship salon in Double Bay. Since then, we’ve worked on numerous residential and commercial projects, executing a variety of different styles.

Charlotte trained in London as a specialist painter and restorer – working with established designers such as Jeffrey Bennison, Colefax and Fowler and the National Trust – before relocating to Sydney 33 years ago. Through my studies in Sydney and abroad, I explored numerous styles and as a young designer, I am able to bring a different approach to design. Together we are a mighty team.

Images via POCO Designs

Images via POCO Designs

Every day is different. I’m normally in the office by 7:30/8am, unless I have an early site inspection. We often have a team meeting over our coffee to update on the various projects. I rarely have an entire day in the office, often popping out to site visits, client consultations or product sourcing. I strive to fit in some design time with the team and then the rest of my day consists of client and order management. Install days are my favourite and often require all hands are on deck. There is nothing more rewarding than seeing your client’s reaction as you transform their home.

Scent is incredibly important in our work. We are strong believers that the styling of a project can make or break a space and we like to play on the various senses in creating a warm and welcoming environment. We have a Lumira, Persian Rose candle constantly burning in our office and often incorporate them in our residential interiors. The devil is in the detail and when it comes to the final touches of our projects, you would always find a fresh bunch of flowers and a beautiful scented candle.

Image Via POCO Designs

Image Via POCO Designs

One of the most memorable and identifiable scents is Fracas Perfume by Robert Piguet. This is a perfume I grew up with, and the very first fragrance I wore. It reminds me of the most influential women in my life, my mother Charlotte and grandmother Lucinda, and recalls childhood holidays to the UK. My mother and I still wear Fracas today; its lush floral nature with hints of orange blossom and base of sandalwood, is incredibly emotive and identifiable.   

I love Sydney. I love its relaxed outdoor nature and the fun lifestyle activities it offers. Whether its starting my day with a morning run and swim at Bondi or indulging in a long lunch on a weekend, Sydney offers some of the best food, views and atmospheric locations. The heart of Sydney, in my mind, is the Harbour. Whether you’re admiring it from the foreshore or on a boat, it is a sight to see and enjoy.

Image via POCO Designs

Image via POCO Designs

Travel plays a major role – it’s a key element in my creative process. Whether it’s for business or personal reasons I’m always looking at and admiring my surroundings and constantly drawing inspiration from my travels. I’ve been fortunate enough to travel and live overseas in the past, and feel each experience has allowed me to build upon my design knowledge. The multisensory nature of travel equates to key memories of my past and is a reason why I look forward to further travel in the future.

International designers such as Joseph Dirand, Charles Zana, Pierre Yovanovitch and Jean louis Deniot.


Image via Poco Designs

Image via Poco Designs

EAT //
Sean’s Panorama in Sydney’s Bondi beach has a warm and homey feel about it. If you’re after a delicious and carefully crafted meal made with love, Sean’s is the place.

Bistro Moncur sits within the Woollahra Hotel in Sydney’s eastern suburbs. The restaurant uses some of Australia's best produce to create impressive French dishes.

The Apollo in Potts Point is an Australian-Greek Restaurant with minimalist interiors of concrete, marble and brass touches. It’s perfect for a special-occasion or just a simple Sunday night out.

Jackies Cafe in Paddington is the place you go to to have fresh, Japanese sashimi in-between shops at The Intersection.

The Roosevelt in Sydney’s Potts Point transports you back to New York in the 1950’s as soon as you step inside. With Art Deco interiors, leather and candle-lit tables it is a cool spot.

The Wine Library on Oxford St, Woollahra has a romantic air about it, while being upbeat and edgy.

Bar Machiavelli in Rushcutters Bay has incredible traditional Italian cuisine, combining innovation and flair to create a lovely experience. The cocktail list is carefully curated to complement the dishes .

Sydney Harbour is lovely for walks around Mrs Macquaries Chair, catching ferries over to the Northern Beaches and is just a great place for events and unexpected adventures.

The White Rabbit Gallery in Chippendale houses one of the world’s most significant collections of Chinese contemporary art – discover unusual visuals and venture downstairs after for amazing dumplings and assorted chinese teas.

Swimming at Bondi beach or Bondi Icebergs is a refreshing start, middle and end to any day for us.

Centennial Park has so much to offer. Walk, run or bike around the park, get lost in the many beautiful trails or bring some friends and indulge with a picnic. Dogs are also allowed.  

Becker Minty is a lifestyle concept store in Pott’s Point stocking perfumes, candles, fashion (women and men), home decor, art and both antique and modern jewellery.

The Intersection is a collection of boutique stores on the corner of Glenmore Rd and Oxford St. It’s a beautiful area to go for a spot of shopping, and it’s easy to find cute spots for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Brought to you by Luxe City Guides in collaboration with Lumira


Kate Bonnett

WITH THE LAST MONTH OF AUTUMN coming up, the last of the days where you can get away with jeans and your favourite tee or cashmere sweater for those cooler nights.  Like fashion and food, styles and choices tend to change alongside the seasons. It's the same with fragrances. The time for transition has come and we're here to help you switch up your candle and perfume game for this Winter.

As the cool change comes around, we search for warmth within our style and food and fragrances. This means layers, rich flavours and heady notes in our scents. During the summer lighter fragrances are burned to keep a space fresh like the outdoors and to give those extra summer vibes. Swap out your Cypres de Provence of cardamom and orange blossom, to something more woody like Arabian Oud; noted with Rose, Oud Accord and Sandalwood, or No. 352 leather and cedar. These fragrances create inviting vibes into any space and are perfect for those luscious, rainy afternoons or nights in with your S.O.

Letting go of Summer doesn’t necessarily mean letting go of fruit and fruity essences. Hold on to your love for the warmer season and carry that through the cold by swapping citrus and sweet fruit notes for tamer, earthy notes of fig and musk. If you’ve been seduced by Tahitian Coconut or Sicilian Citrus, swap these out for Tuscan Fig; Earthy based fragrance with notes of blackcurrant and musk. Remember you can update your personal scent too with changing your perfume oils to suit the season.

If you’re not so keen on the wintery weather and are constantly dreaming of summer nights and bright sky days, it’s important to keep the mood uplifted, and the light fragrances alive during winter. Perhaps you have been burning a citrus based scent until impossible. Reluctant to put away your summer memories, swap out Sicilian Citrus for something less zesty and smoother like Tunisian Mint Tea. Perfect for elevating the mood in any space... This candle has notes of refreshing spearmint, sage and rosemary; spearmint bringing freshness, and sage and rosemary creating a sophisticated fragrance along with relaxation and allure.

Sometimes the grey palette of winter can work for our outfits but not so much for our souls. We insist that we all try to see life through pink glasses all year round, but especially persisting with this through l’hiver (the winter). Florals aren’t usually associated with winter, but in the name of fragrance they’re hard to beat. If you’ve been lusting over Tropical Gardenia, keep the floral theme going in Winter with Persian Rose. Highlighted with notes of rose water and dark amber, this seductive scent is bound to turn any space into a relaxing sanctuary.