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Studio 6, 1-7 Unwins Bridge Rd
St Peters NSW 2044

+61 414 808 205

LUMIRA is a luxury scented candle and fragrance house founded by Almira Armstrong in Sydney, Australia. LUMIRA fragrances are your luxury lifestyle essentials. Copyright 2018 Atelier Lumira.



Almira Armstrong

We’re on the final stretch until Mother’s Day this weekend and ready to bow the ribbons and give all the love possible. Some of us are incredibly organised and had the gift part sorted weeks ago and some of us not so, and have managed to leave it until the last minute (sorry, Mum). In our previous Journal post, we highlighted the fact that sometimes not actually giving a physical gift and enjoying an experience with your Mum instead can be as equally grand or even better. Maybe that direction isn’t your style and you simply love to see the reaction as she tears away the wrapping. So in this week’s Journal we have suggested a few stores in the Sydney CBD (easy to get to on your lunch break) and Eastern Suburbs area (combine your breakfast and shopping?) to purchase lovely and stylish gifts for your Mother this week.

Sydney is bustling with fabulous stores. On the streets, underground, in small alley ways and of course in the larger department stores. If you’re planning on doing your purchases on your lunch break or in the last hour until doors shut, it’s definitely a good idea to have an idea on what you’re looking for and to focus on just that. Below we’ve listed a number of stores and which categories you should look out for depending on the Brand.


Where: 5 Martin Place, Sydney NSW 2000 | Ph: (02) 9231 3944
Focus: Jewellery and small accessories. Cos is fab for small gifts. The jewellery is simple, some delicate and some bold, and for small accessories there are many socks, small purses and bags to choose from. They also do delightful gift wrapping and the customer service is nothing short of charming.

Where: Shop 77, The Strand Arcade, 412 - 414 George Street, Sydney NSW 2000 | Ph: (02) 9223 2953
Focus: Dinosaur Designs is one of those shops that you walk into and wonder why you haven’t come across it earlier (that is if you haven’t already). The focuses in this store are Jewellery, soaps and small ornaments. By ornaments we mean small, detailed pots and vases and small, brass pebbles.  

Where: Westfield Sydney, 188 Pitt St, Sydney NSW 2000 | Ph: (02) 9232 8399
Focus: If you are happy to spend possibly a larger amount of money this Mother’s Day, Harrolds is a divine destination. Focus on the sunglasses, small leather goods and jewellery. They house International and Australian brands such as Sarah and Sebastian. Have a mid-day coffee while you’re in there too.

Where: The Galeries, Level 2, 500 George St, Sydney NSW 2000 | Ph: (02) 9262 7996
Focus: Cookbooks, Autobiographies, and ALL of the Japanese stationery. I can’t stress to you how amazing this store is. The largest retailer in Sydney with over 300,000 titles in English, Japanese, German and French. The stationery is incredible, service is prompt if needed and you can also pick up a cute Kinokuniya bag to take your goodies away with you.

Where: Westfield Sydney, Level 3, Sydney NSW 2000 | Ph: (02) 9231 0491
Focus: Macarons, available in boxes of 6 - 12, also with the option of choosing every flavour yourself. These sweet delights are truly blissful and the flavours are adventurous. They are wrapped and kept in small boxes which are easy to store in your work fridge whilst at work. Refrigerated they will keep for up to a week. Bon appétit!

Where: Shop 22, The Strand Arcade, 412 - 414 George St, Sydney NSW 2000 | (02) 9221 0545
Focus: Pre-jarred tea, herbs, and small kitchen accessories. This store is just magnificent and the fragrance that lures you in from about 10 metres before the actual store is completely decadent. Either buy jars of Turmeric latte spice tea, Sleepy slumber tea, or go for some spices; Moroccan spice, Cardamom Pistachio spice, or Apple Pie spice. Then there are the small rose gold brass pots and embossed cutlery…


Where: 3/11 - 13 Hall Street, Bondi Beach, Sydney NSW 2026 | Ph: (02) 9130 3666
Focus: Because of Lucy Folk’s quirky designs, the focus has to be on the bright socks, characteristic sunglasses and basically all the jewellery… sorry, it’s incredibly hard to stay calm and focused in a shop as pretty as this one! The beaded bracelets and rings are so gorgeous and are fun gifts, along with the dainty ear studs and earrings.

Where: The Church, 261 Oxford Street, Paddington, Sydney NSW 2021 | Ph: (02) 9331 0999
Focus: The focus at Parlour X comes down to small leather goods, sunglasses, bags, belts, and jewellery. There’re so many reasons to spend hours in this store trying on styles and accessorising the outfit you already acquire. Pick something luxurious up for Mum that can last forever and can add sparkle and class to any outfit she may wear.

Where: 24 Glenmore Rd, Paddington, Sydney NSW 2021 | Ph: (02) 9331 7222
Focus: I want to say everything, but that isn’t the aim of this post. Focus on yoga mats, small leather goods, pom pom tassels/keychains or go for one of their fab gift cards! Mode Sportif is style in a nutshell. They also have a grand selection of sunglasses and bags which are great ideas if you are wanting to spend a little extra.

Where: 285A Crown Street, Surry Hills, Sydney NSW 2010 | Ph: (02) 9538 0855
Focus: The focuses in HAY are notebooks, miniature cassette players and tablet/ipad cases. The lovely thing about this store is that the products are heavily design focused which makes them stand out from other products in other store like this. They also stock bathroom, kitchen and home accessories & furniture.

Where: 2/406 - 410 Crown Street, Surry Hills, Sydney NSW 2010 | Ph: (02) 9380 2010
Focus: Keychains, socks and most definitely jewellery. A quaint store down the steps off crown street, the sunlight beams in on the accessories and jewellery as if it were meant to be. The necklaces, bracelets and keychains are somewhat luxury pieces and elegantly crafted.